Lauren Licata is a San Francisco-based curator and writer. In early 2016 she founded R/SF projects, a curatorial project space located in the Tenderloin neighborhood in Downtown SF. From its inception, the gallery has been predicated upon catalyzing active viewership and reimagining the role of the contemporary arts institution at large, as well as establishing an underground scene for truly experimental work to thrive. Licata's curatorial predilections frequently endeavor to embody critical analyses of present day socio-political realities as meditations upon our current modes of being. She often refashions intersubjectivity as an artistic medium and works to reimagine display of performative elements. Her penchant for fostering radical, ephemeral media widely exhibits work from the realms of new media, sound, installation, and new genre public art. For the seven years prior to her founding of R/SF projects, Licata directed and managed several contemporary galleries in New York and Los Angeles. She has recently conducted independent research for the SFMOMA, and served as the Hammer Museum’s HSA Events Committee Head while an undergraduate studying art history at UCLA. Licata is currently finishing her Masters degree in Exhibition and Museum Studies from the San Francisco Art Institute, where she served as the inaugural Exhibitions and Public Programming fellow (2015-16) at the Walter and McBean Galleries. Her in-progress thesis focuses on the transformative potential of the collective art encounter, mapping J.L. Austin's notion of performativity to craft a better understanding of the power and limitations of the space of the exhibition.